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High Reaching Club Football Academy (HRC FA) is a football academy based in Indonesia. Founded with the ambition to improve the quality of Indonesian football and based on the experience and partnerships we have with football organisation abroad, we develop our programs through the philosophy of Spanish football, where fast short range passes and off the ball movement are highly valued in Spain.​


We design our programs to cover every aspect of football training. Whether it is the technique, tactic, physical or mental and psychology of the players, our aim is to equip every player with comprehensive knowledge and skills to prepare them for their career as a football player.


We strive to develop the best young talent, enabling them to compete for their professional career


To provide the highest quality development program to all player in every aspect of football



Equipped with national and international licensed coaches, we aim to share our knowledge and experiences to develop the potential of our players.

About: Meet the Team
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Founded by common passion, a vision to advance Indonesian football and armed with multidisciplinary skills, we aim to develop the best football academy in Indonesia.

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